Meghana Foods Jayanagar: Best Biryani Restaurants in Bangalore

meghana foods jayanagar

Best Biryani Restaurants in Bangalore

Biryani is one of the most ordered dishes in Bangalore. It’s spicy, filling and affordable. It’s also the topic of many heated debates online.

Ambur Star Biryani

Since 1890, Ambur Star Biryani has been a local favourite. With more than 10 outlets across the city, this restaurant offers quick service and tasty dishes. The menu also includes Chinese and Indian curries. You can also try their kheer and gulab jamun for dessert.

This place has some of the best mutton biryani in town. Their mutton is flavorful and fragrant. The rice is cooked in a dum style. The spices are light and they use a lot of mint leaves. You can also order the kofta curry and chicken pakoras.

This place serves great biryani at a moderate price. The only downside is the new bridge construction that makes it difficult to get there. But if you’re willing to make the trek, you’ll be glad you did! Make sure to bring a large group and enjoy their delicious food. The ambiance is perfect for family gatherings and dinner parties. You can even book a private room for special occasions and events.

Meghana Foods Jayanagar

The restaurant is a must-visit for all biryani lovers in Bangalore. It serves the best biryani that is cooked in Ambur style and is perfect for both takeaway orders as well as meals with friends and family. Moreover, the restaurant also offers various Bohri delicacies like Dal Samosa, Meat Khichda and Dabba Ghosht.

Its Kolkata style rolls are also quite delicious and have evenly spread spices that ooze out flavours. The place is quite affordable and provides an elegant ambiance that is perfect for all types of diners.

It is a must-visit for all those looking for a biryani joint that is affordable and has great ambiance. The biryani here is loaded with enough meat and masala that will elevate your taste buds to new heights. The restaurant also offers other dishes like kaal soup and chicken fry. The staff here is very polite and prompt. They even have a special mutton sheekh biryani which is usually a combination of sheekhs and rice, but this one is cooked separately and does not suffer from disconnected mix of flavours.

Shivaji Military Hotel

A famous Hyderabadi dish that’s loved in all parts of India, the famed donne biryani is a must-try for foodies in Bangalore. It’s a great filler that isn’t heavy on the pocket. The mutton here is juicy enough and chunky enough to make it a heavenly dish.

Featuring 14 exclusive veg and non-veg biryani varieties, Ammi’s Biryani Cafe is the place to go when you want to eat good but not break the bank. With an average rating of 4.2 on google, this place is a favorite among locals and relocated professionals.

Developed by a man who travelled from Maharashtra to Bangalore decades ago, the Donne Biryani of Shivaji Military Hotel is the perfect blend of Maharashtrian flavours and Karnataka’s spices. The biryani is served in areca nut palm cups and cooked with small-grained rice that’s slow-cooked to perfection. This restaurant also serves a variety of kebabs and non-veg dishes for meat lovers. You can find this place on Richmond Road.

SG Rao’s Military Hotel

The city’s military hotels – dotted around cottonpet and Jayanagar – serve an array of non-vegetarian dishes including paya soup, mutton korma, keema, and biryani. They have been around for a century and are a great place to visit to experience Bangalore pete (town) life at its best. These places are known to attract everyone from film stars to blue-collar workers and locals alike.

The best thing about these local eateries is that they are cheap and delicious! They also provide fast service. SG Rao’s Military Hotel is a highly-rated spot that serves tasty mutton biryani and Kaima balls as early as 6 am! It’s a must-try.

They offer a variety of Indian and Mughlai food but they are experts when it comes to serving lip-smacking biryani. They have 5 branches in the city and serve a lot of food. Their chicken boneless biryani and meghana foods special biryani are both very good. They have a central kitchen which helps them maintain the quality of their food.

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