Pre Sure by Tathastu ICS Prelims Test Series

prelims test series

Preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Exam can be a challenging undertaking. Individualized attention, regular practice sessions, and current affairs updates are essential components to ensure exam success.

Tathastu ICS provides an innovative coaching program tailored by Civil Servants designed to address discomfort points and offer targeted guidance.

For prelims test series, opt for Tathastu ICS Pre Sure. 

Personalized Attention

At our institute, we will offer both vertical and horizontal support in your prelims preparation. Each week will include one subject-specific mini prelims test (50 MCQs), plus weekly revision tests – complete with detailed explanation and solution performance analysis of every question! Full tests will include questions drawn from Ncert, Yojna, Kurukshetra and standard books as well as 20-25 questions drawn from current affairs to ensure you have covered every aspect of the syllabus and are exam ready.

Current Affairs Updates

This program offers daily current affairs updates, analysis, and discussions for students to access via an online library of e-books and lectures. Furthermore, personalized doubt clearing sessions with civil servant mentors are also provided as part of this service.

Our test series comprehensively covers static and current affairs for optimal preparation for UPSC examination. Each subject-specific full test contains questions from Ncert, standard books and magazines (Yojna and Kurukshetra), structured according to UPSC patterns; additionally it also includes an explanation and performance evaluation report for every question presented.

Civil servants crafted this program to alleviate aspirants’ struggles and provide handholding and mentoring from people who have successfully passed the exam themselves – this gives students access to high quality education as well as regular mini tests and All India Test Series for extra practice and an edge.

Mock Tests

No matter where you stand in your preparation process, our test series offers an invaluable opportunity for evaluation. Comprised of micro and revision tests for every subject as well as full-length mock exams designed to replicate exam timings and format, students can utilize these exams to hone their time management and form exam-like habits while strengthening subject knowledge through our micro and revision tests for each subject as well as full length mocks – our tests ensure comprehensive knowledge is gained by testing against an array of formats to maximize test-taking success! Additionally, they help build understanding so there won’t be any slipups when taking exams.

This test series offers four Full-length CSAT tests following UPSC’s pattern plus one subject specific Revision Test every week.

Interview Preparation

Pre Sure by Tathastu ICS provides comprehensive preparation programs that cover the UPSC Civil Services Examination syllabus. In addition to classroom lectures, our program also provides personalized mentorship and doubt-clearing sessions, current affairs updates, as well as practice tests that simulate exam patterns.

Our program includes expert coaching in the subjects of polity, economics, english, modern history, geography and environment. These subject-specific classes will help you grasp concepts quickly, practice different types of questions effectively and gain an edge over competitors. Revision tests and full-length mock tests are conducted according to UPSC exam pattern to help develop time management and create an exam-like mindset.

Our interview prep will prepare you for the final interview stage by building up your confidence and answering skills. Our mock interviews provide valuable experience while offering feedback on performance as well as tips on how to improve. In addition, we can offer online resources such as video-based coaching sessions, e-books and webinars for additional preparation purposes.