Warehouse in Jebel Ali

Warehouse in Jebel Ali

Warehouse space in Jebel Ali can provide businesses with additional storage needs with secure and convenient facilities for commercial goods, personal items and shipping containers. Furthermore, value-added services include order fulfilment, distribution and pre-delivery vehicle inspection – making the warehouse an excellent solution.

This warehouse is situated within Jebel Ali Free Zone, adjacent to one of the world’s busiest blue water ports. This facility strictly prohibits smoking and offers multiple benefits to business owners.


Warehouses in Jebel Ali provide an ideal way for companies to store goods and products until they’re ready to be sent out, offering convenient storage with secure facilities that also offer additional value-added services. Furthermore, these flexible storage solutions make an ideal solution for seasonal or growing businesses as well as companies needing goods from multiple suppliers.

DP World Logistics recently unveiled a state-of-the-art warehouse at Jebel Ali Free Zone that can store cargo up to 18 meters high, using Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) rack systems. It can handle up to 6,000 twenty-foot containers per month and will come equipped with advanced inventory management systems and order fulfilment, distribution and pre-delivery vehicle inspection services.

This facility is housed within the Jebel Ali Free Zone, an important gateway hub that links eastern and western markets. Home to more than 8,000 multinational companies that employ 13,000 workers, Jebel Ali boasts one of the highest global productivity rates while boasting one of the world’s best port infrastructures and providing an outstanding logistics and transportation service.

Al Nowras Warehouse in UAE and Oman provides commercial, personal, and shipping container storage of goods for businesses of all kinds. Their automated racking systems make their facility ideal for large as well as small enterprises alike; value-added services include distribution, labelling, order fulfillment as well as 24/7 customer support center as well as skilled resources from various industries.

The Jebel-Ali Warehouse is conveniently situated adjacent to one of the world’s busiest blue-water ports, making it an ideal setting for international business. As one of the nation’s three non-oil exporters and with over 70% local workers in its industrial sector, it plays a pivotal role in its economy and workforce. Furthermore, due to being smoke-free it provides additional health advantages making this warehouse an invaluable addition to regional supply chains.


Warehouses are at the core of supply chains, and one of the most essential areas in any business’s operations. Therefore, it is vital that any items stored there be protected against theft and damage using an effective security system in order to ensure safe delivery to their respective customers. Companies should invest in high-quality warehouse security solutions.

DP World Logistics recently announced their plans to open a warehouse in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE. This facility will offer warehousing and distribution solutions for major international brand franchise operators in the Middle East as well as custom clearance and transportation services. Their facilities will be strategically situated near Jebel Ali Port and Al Maktoum International Airport for duty-free re-export.

This facility will feature state-of-the-art racking technology capable of accommodating cargo up to 18 meters high using Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) racks. Furthermore, they have also indicated that this warehouse will have a monthly capacity of 6,000 twenty-foot equivalent units as well as providing cold storage solutions for perishable items.

Warehouse rent is typically quoted per square-foot, including expenses like electricity. Therefore, when making decisions regarding whether or not to relocate to larger spaces, it’s essential that total cost of rent be considered in its entirety; moving may save on overhead costs by eliminating costly renovation projects and renovation expenses.

Warehouses provide value-added services that benefit both small and large businesses alike, including labeling, assembly, and additional work on goods. Professional employees with experience in these sectors can perform these functions and help companies manage inventory while increasing productivity.

Jebel Ali Free Zone serves as a gateway hub between eastern and western markets, featuring fully automated facilities offering value-added services such as order fulfillment, packaging and pre-delivery vehicle inspection. Furthermore, this facility boasts smoke-free environments equipped with intelligent software designed to track products and shipments.

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Location of Warehouse at Jebel Ali Free Zone This warehouse, adjacent to one of the world’s busiest blue-water ports, provides value-added services such as labelling, segregation, in-plant operations distribution and order fulfilment. Equipped with intelligent software and skilled resources from different industries; custom controlled with no smoking policy in effect

Al Nowras Warehouse in Jebel Ali provides businesses looking to save both time and money on transportation costs with high-quality storage solutions that accommodate cargo up to 18 meters high using Very Narrow Aisle Racking systems, with an approximate monthly capacity of 6,000 twenty-foot equivalent units. Their dedicated account managers are also always available to answer any queries and help select the optimal storage solution for their businesses.

Al Nowras Warehouse in Jebel Ali provides an extensive array of value-added services, such as packaging, labelling and distribution. Staffed with skilled resources from various industries using intelligent software to streamline logistics operations; smoke-free environment with top security measures in place for added peace of mind.

Additionally, this company offers customs clearance and freight brokerage throughout the GCC, developing long-term partnerships with many companies while meeting individual customer needs. Their dedicated international department combines up-to-the-minute sales and marketing advice with expert local market knowledge for complete customer satisfaction.


Consider your business’s specific requirements when choosing a warehouse. Flexibility and long-term storage solutions may allow for lower costs while still having room to expand in the future. Furthermore, selecting one close to ports may reduce transportation expenses significantly; and finally ensure there are adequate security measures protecting your goods.

Warehouses in Jebel Ali can save you money when shipping containers or truckloads. With their efficient customs clearance systems and 24/7 customer support services, as well as value-added services such as warehouse operations and packaging – as well as their dedicated account managers on hand to answer questions or assist with logistic issues – Jebel Ali warehouses provide excellent value in terms of reduced shipping costs.

Warehouse in Jebel Ali by Al Nowras is a private company dedicated to offering service and value for its customers. Their experienced professionals are focused on meeting each client’s specific needs; and dedicated account managers are on call 24 hours a day and treat every client like VIPs.

Warehouse in Jebel Ali by Al Nowras not only stores cargo but offers its customers additional value-added services such as packaging, labelling and segregation; 24-hour support services as well as pre-delivery vehicle inspection; high value shipments can be handled safely within their facility which boasts automatic racking systems.

The Warehouse in Jebel Ali Free Zone is conveniently situated adjacent to one of the world’s busiest blue-water ports and boasts advanced security measures. All its warehouses are smoke-free with a strict no-smoking policy; plus trained resources from various industries deliver value added services.

Finding a warehouse to suit your company can be an arduous task, with costs dependent upon size, location, goods stored and type. Furthermore, clients should easily be able to access your storage facility; so make sure there are delivery bays, lift access and stairs access as part of your requirements.