Meghana Foods Branches Review

Meghana Foods

Meghana Foods provides an impressive variety of biryani with swift service. Additionally, their pepper chicken and fried fish options are highly popular with locals. This restaurant has become one of the area’s go-to spots.

Experience tastebud ecstasy at their Special Meghana Biriyani and Vegetarian Biriyani dishes, along with other delectable non-veg dishes!


Biryani is packed with essential vitamins and minerals. One serving provides protein, carbs, fats and turmeric – known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties – black pepper which aids digestion; cumin and ginger which provide natural antioxidants; while saffron increases liver enzymes to aid with detoxification processes.

Biryani can be an effective option for weight loss when eaten in moderation, thanks to its rich fibre content and slow digesting carbohydrates that may help you feel full for longer. Plus, its spices contain carminative properties which may ease digestive discomfort.

Chicken is often the star ingredient for this dish, though vegetarian versions can also be prepared using cubed paneer or waxy potatoes. When making this meal, basmati rice should always be used, as its long grain grains are lighter and less sticky than others varieties. When using the dum method to cook this meal, parboiled rice layers are combined with raw meat and cooked on low heat over an extended period.

Non-vegetarian starters

When hosting a party with family and friends, non-veg appetizers are always ideal to ensure guests can enjoy an array of dishes while you can have a fantastic time together.

Chicken Achari Tikka is an irresistibly flavorful dish, ideal for any celebration or gathering. Crafted using succulent chicken marinated in pickling spices and yogurt, these succulent kebabs can be enjoyed grilled to perfection and make an impressive addition to any party menu.

Garlic Prawns are a tasty non-veg appetizer perfect for sharing with family and friends. Coated in a blend of flour, eggs, bread, and sauce – with just the right amount of garlic added for flavor – Garlic Prawns make for a deliciously nutritious treat that everyone will enjoy.

Meghana Biryani House is the perfect spot for hosting your next dinner party or simply indulging in some delicious cuisine – whether that means hosting your event there, or stopping in just for lunch! Their biryani is deliciously authentic while their service is unparalleled – you’re sure to make frequent trips back!


Desserts are an irresistibly sweet way to end a meal and can be prepared in many ways, from baking or chilling/freezing them through to selecting among their wide array of flavors, textures and ingredients – they form an integral part of any restaurant menu!

Sugar can be an effective natural stress reliever, and eating dessert can make us happier. Desserts have been shown to lower cortisol levels which is responsible for stress hormone release. Just be mindful when enjoying sweets; too much can lead to weight gain.

To create an enjoyable dessert, it is crucial to focus on texture. Cake should be light and airy while cookies should have crispy outer layers that encase chewy inner cores. Desserts can also be garnished to increase sales by making them more visually appealing; additionally, choosing an easy recipe should help increase production speed.


Meghana Foods offers delicious pepper chicken, fried fish and paneer at competitive prices – it features an inviting atmosphere and excellent service, offering tasty asida as well. After an exhausting workweek, enjoy an ale or bitter at these competitively priced drinks outlets!

Meghana Foods, an Indian restaurant located in Dubai, UAE is famous for its authentic dishes such as biryani. Their delicious biryanis taste similar to what you would find in Bangalore.

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