How to Unlock Daily Reward


Daily rewards are an exciting new way to win free stuff in-game. Replacing the Daily Treasure Chest, they award various prizes depending on how often you login each day in a row; however, should one day pass without you signing in, its reward will go into an automatic 24-hour cooldown period and no prizes will be distributed until that period has lapsed.

Step 1: Log In in

Daily Login Rewards is a plugin that gives you the power to reward users for daily logins. By setting a few controls, you can easily create as many calendars of rewards you like and set any restrictions or penalties you like – such as forcing consecutive log-ins with penalties or by time period.

Once each day a player logs in, they are rewarded with a chest through the Social Menu. Daily Login Bonuses run for 30 days; any missed days won’t impede progress for subsequent ones.

The DailyLoginRewardsController class loads PlayerPrefs as its model and instantiates callbacks for each slot and panel, followed by making calls back to controller for logic that will collect rewards when users click them.

Step 2: Complete Daily Quest

Daily Quests are tasks players must complete to earn rewards, accessible via the Quest banner on the Wallet screen. Each day at 9 a.m. UTC they reset, and tasks may range from an easy dungeon that can be completed quickly to more challenging variants that require skill and ships to complete successfully.

Once a quest is completed it will feature a claim button which, when clicked, will grant a fixed number of Loot Chests based on your league at the time you redeem it, unlike old daily rewards which provided variable rewards depending on when you opened each booster.

So that means you can focus on completing more difficult quests while still receiving a reasonable reward of gold and XP. Furthermore, with the new daily quest system your progress towards them is tracked from day 1 of any given quest week, so take your time when unlocking tasks!

Step 3: Build Tavern

Taverns are at the core of any community; serving as meeting places for peasants, travelers and heroes. But for owners, taverns also represent an opportunity to make extra coin – so long as their location remains conducive for profitability.

To build a tavern, players should begin by digging out an area. When this step is complete, click the Zone icon and choose Meeting Area, before finally selecting New Inn/Tavern from the Shield with Plus Sign menu.

Once a tavern is constructed, players can furnish it with furniture such as tables, chairs, chests and rock mugs. Furthermore, they can assign a Tavern Keeper and Performers for increased revenue generation and enhanced visitor attraction. Upgrading to level 3 increases revenue production while also drawing more visitors; though level 3 upgrades cannot increase visitor counts further. As your revenue and visitor count increase with each upgrade level reached.

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