What is the PKMKB Full Form?

PKMKB Full Form

What is the PKMKB Full Form?

Pkmkb is an abbreviation, acronym, shorthand or slang term which expresses aggression and hatred toward Pakistan and terrorist activities.

Commenting “PKMKB” on social media posts started catching on in 2018 but quickly gained steam after the Pulwama attack that killed 40 Indian soldiers.


PKMKB is one of the most frequently-used abusive phrases or internet slang, used both online and off in various contexts to express anger or displeasure with someone or something, as well as casually among friends as an amusing way of tease each other.

After the Pulwama attack, Indian social media users quickly adopted the term pkmkb as an emotive means of expression towards Pakistan and its government, often to criticize its foreign policy and support of terrorism. Since its debut, it has spread rapidly on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Many viral videos and memes using the phrase pkmkb have gone viral recently, depicting India and Pakistan comparing situations through cricketing sixes being scored in Bangalore while bombs fell in Pakistan – for instance one video by Deepak Raj on February 23 showed this contrast and has amassed over 64,000 views and 8,4445 likes since its upload. Furthermore, several YouTube channels and Facebook pages have featured it leading to a trend of commenting pkmkb on any post made public.


PKMKB is an abbreviation for Pa***tan Ki Maa Ka Bh**da which means “Bitch/son of a bitch from Pakistan”. The phrase has since become widely-used by Indian social media users in response to terrorist attacks like those at Pulwama that killed 40 army officials, becoming an Internet Slang term often used by people expressing hatred toward Pakistan. Indian people often use this phrase or internet slang when speaking against them – it has quickly become one of their favourite ways of showing distain.

Initial use of PKMKB began on Twitter by Sandpaper Convict related to cricket, and quickly went viral. Following the Pulwama attack that happened in Kashmir on 14 February 2019 however, Indian netizens started commenting with PKMKB on every post they could in order to express their anger towards Pakistan.

Memes posted to social media were highly provocative and depicted aggression and hatred towards Pakistan, with some even encouraging boycotting of Pakistan as it supported terrorist organizations.

On the other hand, some memes were more playful and whimsical, and were meant to be shared. On 19 February a YouTube user uploaded a video with numerous PKMKB memes which has since amassed 141k views, 8.1k likes, and 728 shares; thus further spreading this trend. This video quickly went viral, helping increase its popularity even more.


Pkmkb is an abbreviation, shorthand term and slang phrase commonly used among Indians to express their displeasure at the current state of affairs in Pakistan and to have fun. The expression is also often used as an insult.

After the Pulwama attack occurred on 14 February 2019 resulting in the deaths of 40 Indian soldiers, it triggered considerable outrage within India towards Pakistan and its government, as well as sparking various memes related to it online and trending on social media with hashtag #PKMKB being discussed on posts across all social platforms.

On 16th Feb, a Facebook page called PKMKB posted a meme showing cricketer Virat Kohli with the words, “PKMKB”. This meme quickly went viral and garnered many likes and comments. On 19th Feb, Deepak Raj uploaded another video compiling PKMKB memes which has over 23k views, 957 likes, and 454 shares so far. Furthermore, several pages and closed groups have also been created that feature these PKMKB memes from users from around the globe.


People have developed many variations of “Pakistan Ki Maa Ka Bhosda Udhur” over time, such as PSCK (Pakistan Se Chutkara Karna), which expresses how bad Pakistan’s situation is. Other popular variations are PKMKBI (Pakistan Ki Maa Ka Bhosda Idhar) and PKMKBO (Pakistan Ki Maa Ka Bhosda Udhur).

This term has recently gained immense popularity on social media platforms in India, especially. It is often used to comment on political or sports posts as well as memes. Many fan pages and closed groups have also been created using this phrase; an excellent way of venting one’s frustration with Pakistan’s current state.

Meme Central, a popular Facebook page, has also utilized the #PKMKB hashtag in their memes. Their first meme referencing Pakistan depicted cricketers batting simultaneously – alluding to its current situation – has received over 63.969 views, 845 likes, and 549 comments since being posted. Since then other memes have been created comparing cricket matches with terrorist attacks in Pakistan or criticizing its government and military regime; many users have expressed a wish to get rid of Pakistan altogether while some even threatened taking up arms against this country!

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