What is a Coin Slot Piercing?

Coin Slot Piercing

Coin Slot Piercing that has been stretched using stacking may feel sore or tender after the procedure; this is a normal side effect and should dissipate within one month.

Coin slot mods should only be performed by licensed piercers and can cost between $500-$900. They typically take two weeks of healing with stitches in place and must remain watertight during this period.

It’s a Body Modification

Coin slot piercings are a type of body modification involving the removal of a small section of cartilage to allow professional piercers to fit multiple rings into a single hole – giving it the appearance of coins stuck one upon the other; hence the name coin slots. Although typically done near a helix, coin slots can also be found in flat, conch or snug locations.

Permanent modifications, while expensive, are relatively painless and quick to heal. Stitches must heal for two weeks before you can wear jewelry in that area; during this period it is wise to avoid getting it wet.

Locating a professional to perform body modifications can be challenging due to state regulations prohibiting unlicensed practitioners. To begin your search for such an artist, speak to your regular piercer about possible referrals or check Instagram as many artists post pictures of their clients on there.

It’s a Piercing

Coin slot piercings are a type of body modification involving the removal of cartilage to create space for multiple rings to stack. Although permanent, this style requires stitches for healing purposes. Furthermore, only qualified professionals should perform it.

Piercings such as this one are frequently combined with others for an eye-catching effect, often stacking captive hoop earrings and horseshoe piercings for an informal yet boho aesthetic.

Though coin slot piercings may not be for everyone, there are alternatives that can create similar looks. One such alternative is high gauge piercing which your piercer can perform by either thickening an existing piercing or performing another one with thicker gauge. Unfortunately, however, these alternative piercings won’t last as long and may require longer healing times than permanent coin slot ones.

It’s Expensive

The coin slot modification is a form of body modification involving the removal of a small section of cartilage. This enables professionals to place multiple rings into one hole, creating the appearance of coins (hence its name). They can be placed anywhere along your helix, flat surface, conch, snug area or any other desired place by your artist and range in length and width according to what gauge size rings you wish to wear.

Piercings may seem extreme, but they remain safe. The procedure itself is quick and relatively painless, though it does involve stitches. You will have to wait two weeks before having them removed; during that period of time you should avoid water to ensure a successful healing experience.

High gauge jewelry is an excellent alternative to coin slots. Achieve this look can be accomplished either by having your piercer assist in stretching an existing piercing with one, or you could choose to have new piercings done using high gauge.

It’s Painful

Coin slots are an increasingly popular body modification. This procedure entails extracting a small piece of cartilage that resembles a vending machine slot from your ear cartilage, typically near the helix but anywhere on your ear where there’s enough tissue and artist is comfortable placing one. Due to their more extreme nature than regular piercings and require special care before proceeding with one it’s important to do research prior to making your decision.

Permanent body piercing involves permanent stitches that must heal for two weeks to achieve success, and typically costs anywhere from $500-$900 without jewelry included in the process.

There are ways to achieve the look without pain. Stretch your existing piercings or start out with high gauge needles; both methods offer good alternatives for those seeking to avoid coin slot mod risk.

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