Wenxuecity Stock Review


Wenxuecity Stock is an app offering news from various sources. However, its editorial decisions appear biased in favor of China’s Communist Party (CCP). Most articles come from Beijing-friendly international media and publicly funded Western media; occasionally Chinese state media may play a part in publishing these pieces.

What Is Wenxuecity?

Wenxuecity is a Chinese-language social networking and news website catering specifically to expatriates living abroad, especially in North America and Canada. Offering news, entertainment and cultural updates for its users. Established as a privately owned company.

Content on its platform is produced primarily by locally-based writers and journalists; however, international publications and media can also contribute content. Furthermore, there is a section called “General News” for stories without an identified author.

Few articles on wenxuecity come from Beijing-friendly international media or Chinese state media outlets, whose share has steadily decreased over time. Yet these outlets continue to comprise four out of the top five authors on wenxuecity; Radio France Internationale, Voice of America and United Daily News (a Taiwanese outlet classified as international media) are all also contributors. Furthermore, this site features many articles from privately funded Western media sources as well.

How Does It Work?

Wenxuecity provides an ideal way for Chinese culture and language enthusiasts living abroad to stay informed and in touch. The website features news, entertainment and lifestyle articles as well as an expansive library of Chinese literature – plus several forums and discussion groups where users can exchange opinions with one another.

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Wenxuecity’s major drawback lies in its intrusive video ads, which can be distracting and annoying; but with some modifications, wenxuecity could become an invaluable resource for Chinese living abroad.

How Much Does It Cost?

Wenxuecity is free for users, though some services incur fees which are listed on its website and can change at any time. Users are responsible for safeguarding their passwords; should any unauthorized activity take place with their account or password they should immediately inform Wenxuecity of such activity.

Additionally, You agree that any use of the Website and/or Services or their contents which violate any applicable laws or regulations. Likewise, no access or usage will violate any rules set by device manufacturers, mobile carriers or wireless service providers.

By agreeing to this Agreement, you are granted one single license to manually access and download select content from the Website for personal, noncommercial and lawful purposes only. This license is nontransferable and does not extend to any device or computer You may use to access the Website.

Is It Safe?

Wenxuecity provides an online safe haven for Chinese expatriates to stay connected with their language, culture and family overseas. The website includes news coverage of current events from China as well as well-written, informative articles. While Wenxuecity’s news section features expert reporting, its discussion forums and blogs also play an essential role. However, its user-generated content may contain unsourced claims such as an article entitled “Does Putin Want to Embarrasse Xi?” which contains numerous inaccurate claims. Read more here

This California-based, privately held company does not disclose its revenue sources.

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