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Scissor Lift Rental

Scissor Lift Rental

Bigrentz is a reliable online rental marketplace offering construction equipment rentals, such as scissor lifts. Customers can rent these machines by the day, week, or month – delivered directly to jobsite or collected at an authorized rental center.

Prices depend on both model and height; for instance, a 19-foot narrow electric scissor lift costs $97 a day, $230 weekly, or $430 per month.


Scissor lifts offer many safety features to protect their operators, such as guardrails, emergency stop buttons and operating controls. Furthermore, operators should take caution not to position their lift over overhead hazards such as power lines or tree branches and should never exceed the maximum lift height limit.

Before using a scissor lift, it is vitally important to conduct a comprehensive examination of its components – this includes checking all operating switches work as intended and that their designated functions have been accomplished. Furthermore, you should make sure the vehicle and lift are capable of fulfilling your job’s demands, such as lifting heavy loads.

Once aboard the platform, operators should switch the operating switch to drive mode and use the joystick to operate their lift. Moving it forward moves it ahead while pulling back reverses it; additionally a horn button will alert others of your presence while speed switch allows users to control how fast or slow they want their lift operating speed to be.


Rent a scissor lift from one of a variety of locations – choose the one closest to you or best suits your schedule, such as a rental center that provides delivery/pick-up options – this allows for faster work at less cost while eliminating maintenance/storage expenses.

Scissor lift rentals can be found for daily, weekly, or monthly rentals with costs varying according to size and model of lift rented; an 18 foot, narrow electric scissor lift may cost $95 per day or $222 weekly while larger scissor models offer longer reach at higher costs.

Choose a scissor lift according to the weight and height requirements of your project. Electric scissor lifts are great for indoor work as they’re quiet and emission free while 4-wheel drive rough terrain scissor lifts feature rugged tires designed for use on rugged outdoor sites.


Scissor lift rental costs vary based on model, size and jobsite location. Daily, weekly or monthly rentals can be available; for a 19 foot narrow electric scissor lift this could range from $97 daily up to $230 weekly/$430 monthly rental fees for rough terrain scissor lift rentals.

Renting equipment has numerous advantages, especially for businesses using scissor lifts occasionally. Furthermore, renting allows users to experience different models before making a long-term commitment.

Boom and scissor lift ownership comes with its own set of drawbacks: their value depreciates over time. Renting, however, eliminates this risk by alleviating maintenance and storage needs for these pieces; furthermore, this provides more scheduling flexibility.

Customer Service

BigRentz customer service staff is on hand to answer your queries and assist in selecting a lift suitable for your task, with equipment setup if required. Furthermore, training and certification for their lifts helps meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance.

They offer an assortment of scissor lifts to meet your specific needs, such as electric and rough terrain scissor lifts. Some lifts have platform heights up to 50 feet while others may work up to 100 feet high; their maximum height varies according to each type of job.

Locate the lifting capacity of a scissor lift by reviewing its specifications sheet. Most scissor lifts have a load capacity of 1,500 pounds while some models can handle over 2,250 pounds. Furthermore, be sure to consider whether or not your scissor lift is gas or diesel-powered as these two have different capabilities.

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