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Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles

Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles

If you have been injured, consulting with a personal injury lawyer is critical. These professionals will assist in getting you the compensation that is owed to you for your injuries; explain legal processes to you while acting on your behalf to negotiate with insurance providers on your behalf.

Criminal lawyers will put victims’ justice first while also prioritizing client interests.

Jennie Levin

If you have been injured in an accident, seeking legal assistance through Los Angeles personal injury law firm CZRlaw may be your best chance at receiving fair compensation. A personal injury lawyer will guide you through all the legal processes associated with an incident – filing a lawsuit and negotiating with insurance providers as necessary; and can even help get medical care if needed or provide financial aid if needed; alternatively you could contact your local Legal Aid Office to inquire about other available solutions if financial circumstances prohibit that path for you.

Attorney Jennie Levin has an abundance of personal injury experience. After graduating law school, she began work for a large firm where she defended pharmaceutical companies in products liability cases. Since then she founded her own firm to assist injured victims. Jennie speaks four languages fluently; English, Spanish, Russian and Hebrew. She has earned an outstanding reputation among clients due to her attentive service and aggressive legal advocacy.

Mario Martinez

Mario Martinez is a Los Angeles personal injury attorney specializing in medical negligence cases. A member of the California Bar, with an AV rating from Martindale-Hubble. Mario brings extensive civil litigation experience, particularly within business torts and medical malpractice. Furthermore, he maintains an impressive pro bono practice.

When selecting a personal injury attorney, it is vital that you do your research. Review each lawyer’s credentials and education background as well as reviews from previous clients before scheduling consultations to meet with them directly and pose any pertinent questions.

Martinez was born in 1953 in Penjamo village, an Arizona Yaqui settlement, and later went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University’s School of Art in Tempe. An avid follower of both New York School painting and abstract expressionism, his expansive canvases depict intricate forms reminiscent of those created by Gorky or de Kooning.

Megan Gyongyos

If you have been injured in an accident, it is wise to contact a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles immediately. These attorneys will assist in getting you the compensation that is due. This may involve gathering documentation such as medical bills and providing them with proof of injuries to negotiate with insurance companies as well as providing explanation of laws within your state such as comparative fault rules.

Megan Gyongyos is an associate attorney at the Cochran Firm – California who specializes in civil litigation matters such as wrongful death, police misconduct and personal injury lawsuits. She earned a high mark at Southwestern Law School and served as Lead Articles Editor on its Law Review.

Be sure to do your research when hiring a personal injury lawyer, starting by seeking out experienced and reputable firms with proven track records. Get advice from family and friends as you compare rates and experience among them; some attorneys even work on contingency so you only pay when winning!


If you’ve been injured in an accident, recovering damages could be possible from those responsible. Hiring a personal injury attorney can assist in this process and even assist in filing any necessary litigation on your behalf if necessary. Before choosing one however, do your research thoroughly and seek recommendations from friends and family before making your selection.

CZR Law understands the toll an accident can take on individuals and their families, so their Los Angeles personal injury attorneys are dedicated to helping clients obtain fair compensation for their injuries. Over the years they have handled thousands of cases successfully and recovered millions in settlements or verdicts for clients.

Personal injury attorneys understand all aspects of personal injury law, such as comparative negligence rules. Furthermore, they possess extensive experience dealing with insurance companies and can negotiate an equitable settlement on behalf of their client. Furthermore, they possess expertise handling cases wherein a plaintiff may have contributed to his own injuries.