How to Breed Shugabush Monsters

How to Breed Shugabush

How to Breed Shugabush

Shugabush enjoys spending its mornings lounging beneath a drooping snuffle tree and listening to its soothing melody while enjoying decorations such as Sugar Hut and Shuga-Glider.

For breeding shugabushs, two monsters at level four or above and an appropriate breeding structure are required. This process could take up to 48 hours with unpredictable results –


If you’re searching for an animated monster who embodies real-life singer Kristian Bush of Sugarland, the Ghazt is your ideal option. This green creature sings country style music while wearing its signature fedora; making this creature an excellent addition to any music collection.

My Singing Monsters allows you to breed Ghazts by breeding Bowgart and Clamble together, which will produce one with optimal genetics. Unfortunately, breeding takes 35 hours; during this time period it is also important that all monsters remain healthy.

To do so, make sure they get a variety of food and water to aid their development quickly. Clean their habitat regularly to make sure it remains safe for them; additionally use Wishing Torches to increase breeding chances.

Trumpeting Entbrat

Shugabush Island now welcomes Viveine, a seasonal monster who sings like real-life singer Kristian Bush of Sugarland’s Love or Money remix song. Be mindful that this particular monster may only be available temporarily.

To breed it, two monsters with Plant, Earth, Water and Cold elements will be needed. Both must provide these four elements without duplicating any one of them.

if you’re lucky enough to breed a Shugabush, make sure it stays healthy by providing frequent food and maintaining its happiness level at a high level. This will increase both its coin per minute earning rate as well as how much income it can hold at one time. Also remember it needs to be bred quickly since only its egg will stay fertilized for so long.


The Bowgart is an adorable four-legged monster who enjoys playing instruments and singing, creating its own distinctive sound which blends piano and wind instruments. A true companion who follows its owner around the island.

Breeding the Bowgart may prove challenging, but it’s well worth your efforts. You can boost its happiness by placing certain decorations and monsters nearby; in addition, this creature appreciates being fed leafy vegetables, fruits and nuts from time to time. Also ensure there are ample toys and musical instruments in its living area to ensure maximum enjoyment from its new pet!

To successfully breed a Bowgart, combine it with Clambles and Quarristers; only this combination can produce rare Bowgarts. Plant Island monsters such as Potbellys and Congles also sometimes work, although breeding times may take a long time and success rates may be low; to improve chances of success it’s recommended using breeding structures with light Wishing Torches to increase breeding success rates.


Clamble, an Epic Monster with three elements, debuted on the Plant and Earth Islands on May 3rd 2023. Like other Epics, it requires specific breeding combinations to obtain; therefore it can only be acquired at special events.

To breed Clamble, first level up Bowgart and Clamble to at least level four each before placing them into an egg-laying structure like a castle or hotel. When the Breed button begins flashing, simply tap it. Bowgart and Clamble will start mating soon thereafter, producing eggs in your Nursery that can then be harvested as rewards!

Once breeding season is over, you must wait a bit until a Clamble chick appears in your Nursery. Be sure to feed it treats quickly as eating will speed its development into an adult and contribute coins and music to your island! With your efforts you may soon have many of these adorable crab-like creatures singing their special song all at once!

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