Grow Your Online Business With These Customer Review Platforms

customer review platform

Reviews nowadays have become very crucial for businesses. Reviews have the capability to bring drastic and impactful growth to brands. People today mostly do online shopping as it saves a lot of their time and also they get branded products at a reasonable price from ease of home. But before making every purchase decision customers go through each review. You may have witnessed that there is remarkable traffic on every leading customer review platform. 

Reviews are not only important for the customers but it is also important for the businesses to build their reputation in the market. Customer reviews work as a great tool for business owners. For this reason, businesses nowadays embed positive customer reviews on their website for bringing conversion through trust building.

To make it easier for you, in this article, we have listed out some of the best customer review platform to choose from that will surely help you.  

We will start from the basics by understanding the customer review platform.

All You Need To Know About Review Platform

Before we start with the main topic we will talk a little about the review platform for your clear understanding. A reviews platform can be better defined as a website or an app where customers are able to share their reviews about products, services, and businesses. Their reviews can be good or bad depending upon their experience. 

These reviews work as concrete information for potential customers about the product they want to try. They will read them before making any purchase and depending upon the reviews they will move forwards with the product. 

Review platforms can belong to any industry worldwide, which includes hotels, restaurants, service providers, etc. All in all, whatever industries they belong to review platforms hold a very crucial role for potential customers who are looking for honest feedback about any specific product or business.

5 World-class Review Platforms For Businesses  

Customers may get confused among the various customer review platforms to choose where to read about the brand and product. For making it simple and time-saving we have come up with the following list of some of the best review platforms. Let’s take a look. 

Facebook Reviews 

The official name of Facebook reviews is the Facebook recommendation, so don’t get confused. As per the review trackers among the other review platforms, Facebook reviews have 19% of the whole customer reviews. 

The Facebook review has evolved a lot with time. In the beginning, customers were only able to share their experiences about products and services. Now customers also have the option of recommending the product and services based on overall experience. Thus, brands are now embedding Facebook reviews on their website which will help them to build trust with the potential customers and bring conversion.

Google Reviews  

Google is the biggest search engine and is trusted by millions of customers to read reviews about brands and businesses. Google reviews are linked with the Google search engine which makes them visible to the potential customers. 

The best thing about Google reviews is that potential customers can search for businesses and read their reviews as per their locations and the type of products they need. This is why businesses today are embedding Google reviews on their website for grabbing the attention of their potential customers and bringing good rankings to their websites. 

Yelp Reviews 

Yelp as a customer review platform is very popular, especially among small businesses. For local and small businesses yelp works as a great place for reading their reviews by the other customers. There are various small businesses that are continuously evolving that many people don’t have knowledge about, including restaurants, retail stores, lifestyle stores, etc. 

Yelp review platform allows customers to leave their reviews, upload photos of the place and rate thebusiness site as per their overall experience. Many businesses today are turning to embedding Yelp reviews on their website which will bring their business to the notice of more other people. 

Etsy Reviews

Etsy is another excellent reviews platform on the list, it helps millions of customers in making their purchase decision becoming the best reviews platform. It provides the buyer with the option of sharing their 5-star scale rating along with that customers can even write reviews sharing their experience after using a particular brand or product. 

After looking into its advantages maximum businesses today are displaying positive Etsy reviews on their website through the Etsy customer review widget.

Airbnb Reviews 

Airbnb is the abbreviation for Air Bed and Breakfast. This platform has become very beneficial for those who are in the hospitality business. People list their properties on Airbnb for the customers to stay. To win the trust of your potential customers and bring more bookings the Airbnb reviews of the existing customers play a very crucial role. For converting the website visitors business are now embedding Airbnb reviews on their website with Airbnb review widgets. 

Summing up 

From this article, we understand that customer reviews play a very crucial role for businesses in bringing conversion, and with that, it is a great social proof for the brands. For all these reasons businesses are turning to add customer reviews on their website.  

Businesses can enhance their visibility, build trust among their customers and boost their reputation with reviews. That is why customer review platforms work as a great tool for them. We have talked about some excellent customer review platforms. 

Now that you know about customer review platforms take them into consideration and display reviews on your website accurately which helps to grow your online business.