GetMyAllyCard Review

WhatsApp Review is an online credit card application service offering cards with no annual fee and complimentary FICO scores – making it an attractive solution for consumers seeking a simple yet rewarding credit card program.

The Ally Platinum Mastercard is an unsecured credit card that can be applied for by simply receiving an offer. It offers high cash-back rates on gas, grocery and drugstore purchases without spending caps or complex reward tiers, making this card ideal for everyday spending needs.

1. No Annual Fee

The Ally Platinum Mastercard stands out from other no-annual-fee cards by not charging an annual fee, boasting no penalty APR policy and free access to your credit score – an important benefit when looking for ways to cut credit card costs. In addition, it allows users to earn unlimited 2% cash back on gas purchases (such as gas stations, supermarkets and wholesale club purchases), with up to 1% back for all other eligible transactions (compared with rewards tiers offered by similar cards with annual fees). Unfortunately, this card doesn’t provide sign-up bonuses or an introductory APR rate at all;

2. No Minimum Balance Required

Ally Bank offers checking and savings accounts without minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees, making the bank an ideal option for those seeking simple yet cost-effective banking experiences. Ally also offers an impressive selection of other products such as Roth or traditional IRA accounts, Raise Your Rate CDs, as well as standard savings and certificate of deposit accounts with competitive interest rates and low fees; unlike some competitors Ally does not charge outbound wire transfers!

3. No Foreign Transaction Fee

Credit cards that do not charge foreign transaction fees enable travelers to avoid the added costs associated with currency conversion when making purchases abroad. Foreign transaction fees typically constitute a percentage of each purchase amount and quickly add up when traveling overseas. Sign up for a free NerdWallet account today to see just how much money can be saved using cards that do not impose foreign transaction fees!

Be mindful to differentiate foreign transaction fees from ATM fees, which are charged when withdrawing cash at banks outside the U.S. To determine whether your card charges foreign transaction fees, check its rates and fees table, which can often be found within its terms and conditions (or under “Pricing and Terms” or “Rates and Fees”). NerdWallet also maintains an updated list of cards without foreign transaction fees for reference.

4. No Annual Fee for Cards Issued by Ally Bank

Ally Bank stands apart from traditional banks by not charging fees for overdrafts or returned payments, along with no annual fee on its credit cards, and without foreign transaction fees or penal APR for going beyond your credit limit or late payments.

Ally currently offers two no annual fee cards aimed at cash back earning and one designed as a credit-building card for consumers with lower FICO scores. Both cards were created in partnership with Fair Square, a digital lender who specialize in auto finance borrowers as well as understanding credit-building markets.

Ally offers high-yield savings accounts with competitive interest rates and innovative tools and features designed to help you save. You can create up to 10 separate savings “buckets”, employ recurring transfers, roundups and boosters in order to meet your savings goals faster. There are no monthly service or overdraft fees associated with their savings or checking accounts; however there is a $20 wire transfer fee.

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